VoIP Systems

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One of the biggest industries in the world today is the telephone industry. Between sales of physical telephone units, sales of local calling plans, sales of long distance calling plans and sales of cell or mobile phone plans there are billions of dollars exchanging hands on a regular basis within the telephone industry. Because of this people are always being solicited by companies claiming to be offering the next greatest thing in telephone technology.

In many ways it is rather ironic that telephone companies solicit customers long distance in order to offer them economical long distance plans and many customers have now become so jaded, that they simply do not respond to that type of sales method anymore.

If however, the product being offered is new and innovative and at the same time the product is able to do a lot for the people that are buying it, then the product will survive.

In today’s world, things tend to survive more on their own merits rather than on the hard selling done by people looking for their own commissions. One such technology that has taken the telephone communication world by storm is the patented VoIP technology.


VOIP is an acronym that stands for voice over internet protocol. It is a piece of technology that allows customers to actually chat with other people through the use of their internet connection rather than a conventional telephone line. The quality does not suffer at all in a good VOIP connection and even the long distance connection is able to maintain the same high quality that a customer has come to expect from their current long distance provider.

The only real difference between VOIP connections and their conventional telephone counterparts is that the VOIP connection maintenance costs tend to be quite a bit cheaper. The reason for this is that the internet is being utilized in order to help the consumer facilitate their telephone needs. To a large degree, the consumer is already paying for most of the technology used in VOIP services with the internet monthly payment they are already making. The bottom line for this is that the internet service provider providing the VOIP service does not have to charge as much for it and those savings usually end up being passed on to the customer.

VOIP Setup

You don’t really need much in order to set up a very good VOIP uplink. First and foremost you need to have a broadband internet connection. In other words, you need to have fast internet along the lines of a cable or a DSL connection. Once you have this then all you need is a phone to utilize with the VOIP service and you are good to go. Once you sign up with the VOIP service from one of the many companies around that offer it, you will receive very detailed instructions on how to arrange the cables around your computer and modem in such a way as to facilitate the VOIP service. Once you’ve done that you can pick up the phone and start chatting right away; it is quick, easy to setup, very cheap and the height of convenience in the world today.