Mitel Phone Systems

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Mitel is a leading VoIP phone system supplier. Nowadays there are more companies around that are willing to offer voice over IP functionality (VoIP). The concept of using one’s computer in order to make phone calls has led to a rash of new internet communication companies to jump up all over the place. There are companies that specialize in providing the service of VOIP to personal users, companies that specialize in providing the service of VOIP to business and companies that specialize in providing the actual technology needed to make the services work to other companies and individuals. There are many different companies that are around to make VOIP work and because of this a very large technological safety net has been created that ultimately helps both businesses and individuals succeed with their VOIP needs.

About Mitel

Mitel is one of the supply side companies that specialize in providing IP communications to individuals and small businesses alike. To that end their website contains a wealth of useful information about VOIP and VOIP services as well as outlining the ways in which VOIP can potentially help you as an individual or as a small business owner. The company takes itself very seriously and has recently announced a bid of $723 million in order to take over noted communications company Inter-Tel. Mitel is definitely here to stay for a very long time and this knowledge should make customers of the company rest very easy and prospective customers that much more interested in doing business.

Mitel Products

There are a number of great products offered by Mitel and the good news is that most of those products are compatible with both conventional telephone systems as well as the new age VOIP communication systems. For example, one very innovative product that Mitel sells is their Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) technology. This technology is designed in order to manage and facilitate inbound calls in order to distribute them amongst the available staff in a way that is conducive to good customer service. It is used in both their conventional and softphone technology and is just one of the many different Mitel innovations that has brought the company to the high standing that it currently enjoys.

Another good example of this is the remote agent technology that Mitel supports. This is VOIP technology that allows agents to telecommute to work. In other words, if you were a customer service agent for a company that had access to the Mitel remote agent technology, you would be able to use your personal VOIP service to work from home at your own leisure. People have been able to reduce their stress levels by working from home and it is definitely very possible to do with relative ease through the use of the Mitel remote agent product.


Whether you are interested in VOIP for personal or business reasons, it is always good to make sure that the people you are working with are trustworthy. With a very long history of success in the field of communications, Mitel is definitely a trustworthy company. Their website lists their full history as well as their product catalogue, both of which are very impressive in their nature.