5 Reasons for Considering Cloud-Based Email Filtering Services

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It goes without saying that small businesses do not want their employees to be burdened with spam, and will do whatever is necessary to prevent this from happening. So how can cloud based email filtering services help tighten up small businesses?

  • Efficiency

Efficiency is the soul of a business. It’s almost second nature for businesses to use UPS for power failures and RAID for Hard Drive backups, so why should security, and spam in particular be treated any differently? Using a cloud anti-spam solution removes the risk of leaving your e-mail unprotected should any part of the hardware in the infrastructure fail.

  • Scalability

Cloud anti-spam can easily protect your emails even if your organisation grows overnight.

  • Compatibility

Cloud based anti-spam solutions are compatible with any operating system. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues if you have multiple operating systems within your business, nor do you have to worry about having to spend excessively to migrate to compatible servers and desktops.

  • Customisation

Cloud based email filtering services can be fully customized to meet your business’ needs. You can give your users as much control over their junk folders as you want, users will feel empowered and important emails that were sent to the quarantine will not be missed. You can also give your users a summary of all the spam or suspected spam that has been quarantined, to easily allow them to identify anything that should have made it through the filters.

  • Money and Time Savings

Cloud solutions save you all of the costs you would have to spend on hardware, software, operating systems, maintenance, management and more. But perhaps more importantly, a cloud based anti-spam solution will ease traffic to the email server and will reduce the impact on Bandwidth and improve your server performance.