The Benefits of Windows 8 for Business Users

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1) Support for Tablets and Desktops

Windows 8 has 2 different interfaces that users can switch between. There’s the Metro style interface that’s optimized for touch screen devices (but is very functional with traditional mouse/keyboard setups as well), and there is the classic desktop interface. Being able to use one operating system on desktops as well as tablets will be a massive efficiency boost for businesses and will also reduce training costs.

2) Incredibly fast boot-up times

Whenever a new operating system is released, one would expect the boot-up and shutdown times to improve drastically over the previous version. This has not been the case in previous versions of Windows. However, with Windows 8 you can expect boot-up times to be around 50% faster than it’s predecessor, which over longer periods can add up to a lot of time saved.

3) Will not require new Hardware

Windows 8 has been designed with memory efficiency in mind. This means, that Windows 8 will not only run perfectly normal on Windows 7-era hardware, but in many cases will even run on machines that predate the Windows 7 release.

4) App store included

While installed Software has never been a large issue on Windows, one universal location for downloading and installing new software applications sounds very promising for businesses. This potentially means no more disks having to be stored and no more searching around for different websites to download the software from.

5) Enhanced Features

Windows 8 comes with a whole list of improvements that are too long to list here. Some of the more notable ones include support for UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) secure boot which helps improve security while booting the machine up, as well as better support for “SuperSpeed” USB 3.0.