Top 10 Reasons a Company Doesn’t Need our IT Security Services

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The top 10 reasons a company doesn’t need our IT security services are:

1. Your organization does not use any Microsoft, Adobe, Linux, Oracle, Novell, IBM, Google, Apple, or other business-critical infrastructure

2. You thrive on the endless spontaneity that comes from poor visibility into vulnerabilities

3. You don’t lose sleep on Patch Tuesdays

4. Your business does not use web-enabled applications or allow web surfing

5. You find tedious, manual tasks calming and satisfying

6. You have the world’s simplest, smallest, most static network: no remote sites, no air gaps, no wireless access, no virtualized systems, and no mergers or acquisitions on the horizon

7. You like false positives because they keep you busy

8. Your systems never leave the office, and no rogue devices come to visit

9. Your company has unlimited time and money to spend on vulnerability management

10. Your auditors accept your word that systems are compliant