What is a Virtual Dedicated Server?

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The concept of a dedicated server is pretty popular with people who need large bandwidths and space at high levels of security. Although highly secure and efficient, the main problem with dedicated servers are their cost. These systems can be very expensive. As a solution to this problem, virtual dedicated servers were introduced.

Virtual dedicated servers, also called virtual private servers, are the system in which the dedicated server is virtual. This means that multiple servers are incorporated into a single computer. Each of these servers acts as a dedicated server with its own operating system, security arrangement and other feature. So, virtual private servers offer the benefits of dedicated servers at low costs.

In other words, virtual dedicated servers work on the same concept of shared hosting but each server is completely isolated in a way that gives it the functionality of a dedicated server. So, although your server shares space with other servers on the same computer, you can use it exactly as you use a dedicated server.

What does virtual dedicated servers involve?

Essentially, virtual dedicated servers comprise of a server program, a mail server program, a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program and other applications that you can decide based on your specific requirements. For instance, if you run an e-commerce website, you can install functions specific to e-commerce. If you wish to interact with customers and provide informative content on a regular basis, you can integrate a blog function.

With virtual servers, you obtain many of the functionalities offered by dedicated servers. For example, you get a dedicated IP address and admin access. You have complete control over the server, its bandwidth and available space. The performance of a robust dedicated system is excellent. Another benefit of using dedicated servers is that the speed of your website does not reduce because of high traffic.

Who can use virtual dedicated servers?

Virtual dedicated servers are useful for anybody who wants cost effective server hosting. Also, if you need to host multiple portals, you can choose this service and obtain the required functionality along with cost savings. Third, virtual private servers are very useful for website owners who need to use complex applications in their sites, or for businesses hosting multiple applications in-house on dedicated resources.

When you buy virtual private servers, you need to choose the provider carefully and ensure that each partition made in the computer is thoroughly isolated. Without perfect isolation, your website or software applications can suffer from disadvantages such as poor security and slow speeds.