Month: February 2014

General Information On Business Continuity

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Business continuity is a term that is loosely defined as a set of preparatory, planning and similar activities that are intended for use in the case of an emergency. More specifically, these are meant to be employed to guarantee that the critical functions of an organization continue to operate as usual despite a serious disaster or incident that might threaten to interrupt. These activities may also be used to ensure functions return to an operational state in a short, reasonable period of time.

Ever Business Needs A Disaster Recovery Plan

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Disaster recovery is actually an entire process containing all of the policies and procedures that are used to prepare for the recovery or continuation of technology infrastructures after a natural or human-caused disaster. Typically all large businesses and organizations have one of these plans in effect because it covers the technology infrastructure that is vital to the organization; they must have their systems up and running in order to function properly. This is why such a plan is so important.

64% of Companies Have Reduced Waste and Have Lowered Energy Consumption Levels after Shifting To Cloud Computing

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It has shown in a recent survey that 64% of companies across the UK have reduced the amount of waste and energy consumption levels when they switched to Cloud Computing. This has also ended up saving huge amounts of money for businesses along with all the benefits it already has to offer. Cloud computing alone… continue reading »

Guide To IT Security Services

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Data security is the component of IT security services designed to protect computer systems. This includes prevention, detection and correction of unauthorized use of computer systems. But security also means protecting computer systems against other risks, such as loss of data due to a hard drive crash.

Choosing The Right IT Support Provider

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Business operations are often known to be quite challenging for any owner to keep up with on an individual basis. Many department operational difficulties are known to arise when the owner is unable to keep up with all their obligations in a comprehensive manner with their own personnel and skills which is why such emphasis is placed on finding outsourced and professional guidance at various stages. People focused on this particular facet of their business should learn the fundamentals of choosing the right IT support provider.

Why You Need IT Security Services

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No matter what the size of your business, if you use computers, you need IT security services. If your business were to become the victim of a hacker or a virus, it could be deadly to your company. In fact, many small businesses never completely recover from a hacking, and some go out of business altogether.

How To Make Sure Your Cloud Services Are Secure

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Cloud services enable users to access their data from any location and any type of mobile device. Information that would have to have been stored on their hard drives, is instead stored on a server that can be easily retrieved when one is not at home and needs it. However, many people have their reservations about this form of computing due to the higher risk of a security leak. Fortunately there are measures one can take to increase the security of their data when using cloud technology.

IT Security Services Offer Effective Solutions To Businesses

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Having dependable IT security services is critical to the operation of any business. Hiring a “managed security services provider” or MSSP as opposed to relying on in-house software programs to do this very important job, gives a company added assurance that their information is protected against hacking and other forms of cyber-crime. The emphasis with MSSP is on prevention of such issues in the first place rather than fixing them once they have already happened.

Tops Tips For Effective Disaster Recovery

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For many professionals, relying on computers to store information and conduct business can offer efficiency, accuracy, and modern solutions. While work can be completed faster and more reliably, the possibility of hardware crashes, system malfunction, and web risk could result in the loss of data. IT support services offer a number of disaster recovery methods and protection in case of unforeseen circumstances and exposure to online threat.