Why You Need IT Security Services

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No matter what the size of your business, if you use computers, you need IT security services. If your business were to become the victim of a hacker or a virus, it could be deadly to your company. In fact, many small businesses never completely recover from a hacking, and some go out of business altogether.

Your work computers have important files that contain things like proprietary information, sensitive employee information and financial records. It is all too easy for something like the very dangerous CryptoLocker virus to be installed on one computer, which can then infect all other computers on your network. With CryptoLocker, hackers ask for a ransom to free files they have stolen. Even if you were to pay the ransom, there is still danger that this could happen to you again. This is why IT security is so important–it protects you from infection, and recovers your system in the unlikely event of an infection.

Many workplaces these days use cloud computing because it is an effective way to have your data on hand anywhere you go. Since employees often have to travel in some businesses, it makes sense to use the cloud rather than having to transfer files to multiple mobile devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones. Since the cloud contains company files that you wouldn’t want stolen, cloud security is just as important as IT security.

A reputable services company that aims to protect you from these intrusions will provide a secure system for you, then run regular audits. The audits will ensure that the system is running properly so CryptoLocker and other dangerous trojan viruses and malware don’t get installed on your system. The audits should be on a regular schedule, though an occasional surprise one is also a good idea.

The company you hire should also be available to you at all hours, even on holidays, in case something goes wrong. The longer an infection stays in your system or the longer it goes down, the more information hackers can steal from you. Make sure that you will always have a live human being at the ready by phone so you can call in any incidents.

A part of your security package should also include risk management assessments. This means that trained professionals will take a look at every device and your entire network to look for possible flaws. They will fix these flaws, then put in place a set of practices to make sure they don’t happen again.

Of course, all of this won’t work unless the employees who use your company’s computers and network know what the dangers are. You must educate all users so that they know the risks and can avoid them. For example, not clicking on unknown links in e-mails and not installing any programs will help prevent infections. Educating employees is one of the biggest forms of network security that you can perform.

Companies take huge losses or go out of business because of hackers and viruses, but your business doesn’t have to suffer this fate. All you have to do is hire IT security services to protect your network and devices. This, coupled with employee education, can prevent cyber disasters and give you peace of mind as you go about your work each day.