64% of Companies Have Reduced Waste and Have Lowered Energy Consumption Levels after Shifting To Cloud Computing

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It has shown in a recent survey that 64% of companies across the UK have reduced the amount of waste and energy consumption levels when they switched to Cloud Computing. This has also ended up saving huge amounts of money for businesses along with all the benefits it already has to offer.

Cloud computing alone has proven itself to be one of the most convenient things in technology. Not only does it keep all your data backed up securely online, but it enables you to access any of your files from many different devices, from anywhere in the world. This is a major benefit for any business and employees as they are able to access their personal data from their office and from the space of their own home. It also helps when employees can’t get into work or can’t get out of bed! They can work from home and access all their files remotely.

There are a number of companies that offer this support but only a handful are able to deliver to your security standards. When it comes to cloud computing, your business may require a whole package of services from hosted desktops to an email filtering service. If you ever experience spam or junk mail, with cloud services this will be filtered before it has time to reach your emails. For bigger companies requiring high security and speed, a virtual dedicated server is important to have. This will keep systems running smooth and fast along with high security.

Never again will you have to worry about buying software upfront. With cloud computing, the whole package will come as one. You will be protected from malicious threats and junk mail along with a hosted desktop where all your files will be backed up and accessible by you from any part of the world on your device.

Your business will benefit from the many advantages cloud computing offers. Not only will you be saving a huge amount of money, but you will be protected without having to worry about anything going missing. This may just be the best thing that has happened to your company.