Ensure You Use Very Secure Cloud Computing Services

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The first idea of what people now call cloud computing was announced by JCR Licklider, in 1970. During these years, he was responsible for the creation of the ARPANET, the very first step on the path to modern day cloud computing services. His idea was that everyone on earth is connected to a network, from which they will receive not only data, but programs too.

Another scientist John McCarthy stated that computing power should be provided to users as a service. At the same time, the development of these technologies had been suspended until the 90s, after which it contributed to the development of a number of factors. The expansion of Internet bandwidth in the 90s meant it was not possible to obtain a significant leap in the development of technology in the clouds, as virtually no company of the time was ready for it.

The Internet has provided a push to accelerate the early development of cloud computing. Obviously, having a secure service is vital to every business. The next step was the development of a web service by Amazon in 2002. This service allows you to store, information and perform calculations. In 2006, it launched a service called EC2, as a web service that allowed its users to run their own applications.

Another milestone in the development of this standard occurred after the establishment of Google, with the Apps platform for web applications in the business sector. Security was vital here, too. Significant role in the development of these technologies was played by virtualisation technology, particularly software that allows you to create a virtual infrastructure.

The rapid development of hardware contributed to the rapid growth of the technology, as the availability of this technology for small businesses and individuals has become more effective. With regard to technical progress, a significant role is played by the creation of multi-core processors and the increase of the capacity of data storage.Over the past 10 years, the average speed of the Internet has increased about 1,000 times, which has allowed host applications and databases to operate on remote servers, known as “In the clouds”.

The technology, when properly secured, allows you to rent computing power from the cloud providers.This is the technology that allow them to use the Internet to organize computing resources and to provide these services to end consumers. Using the technology allows for the transfer of applications and data storage systems, which have a very high level of reliability.

The providers provide virtually unlimited resources, reduce maintenance costs and supply users with a quality service. The cloud is used to offer Infrastructure as a Service. These servers have virtually unlimited size and speed. This goes hand in hand with the PaaS and SaaS standards as well.

Large companies prefer to create their own private “clouds” and not to trust the storage of critical information to third-party providers. The technology allows geographically dispersed companies to significantly save on their IT-budget, but not as much as when using the service from major providers. The one and only concern in this should be IT security and using a properly secured provider can prove almost priceless.