Businesses Beware As Cyber Crime Hits Epidemic Proportions

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Cyber-crime experts are teaming up with the FBI and the National Crime Agency to crack down on a new malicious software virus such as Gameover, Zeus, or P2PZeus and ransomware CryptoLocker and CryptoWall. This software has the ability to capture your passwords, remove money from your bank accounts and steal your personal information for ransom e.g. personal photos, messages and any other incriminating information you wouldn’t want to go public. There is also the possibility of accessing your webcam to spy on you as well.

This criminal network, led by Evgeniy Bogachev, has been around for some time and is responsible for past threats. Bogachev is said to be the world’s most dangerous cyber terrorists, making the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list. It is said within two weeks this cyber-attack will go ‘viral’ so getting your computer secure now is vital. While the National Crime Agency is working around the clock to take down these criminals, here’s a few tips to help cut the risk of being a cyber-victim:

– Change all passwords and do not let your computer store them
– Keep your anti-virus software updated, do not ‘ignore’
– Use advanced email filtering to prevent infected attachments from being received
– Do not open suspicious email attachments, even if its source is from your contact list
– Keep regular backups of your data to restore, in the event of infection

Network London is concerned for your personal security, if you find you are in need of IT support we hope you won’t delay in getting professional support fast. No matter who you decide to hire as your IT support, we want everyone on the alert and aware of the newest virus threats. Protecting one’s personal security from cyber terrorists is one of our goals and it is part of our mission to inform the public of any new cyber threats as they surface.

There has already been more than fifteen thousand UK citizens that have fallen victim to this viral invasion, and many more will happen if the virus continues to go un-detected. It can remove money from your bank account without your knowledge, in 2013 the USA saw more than $500 million of re-directed funds from personal accounts. You don’t have to be one of these victims if you take the necessary precautions today.

At Network London we understand that these cyber-attacks affect everyone with a rippling effect, which is why we are doubling our efforts to spread the word of this new cyber virus and help folks to protect their personal information and lower the risk of this virus spreading. Please forward this information to your colleagues, friends and family so everyone has a fair chance in preventing this virus in spreading and limiting the number of victims.