Discover The Benefits Of Switching To A Hosted Desktop

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Cloud computing services offer business owners a cost-effective way to manage and support employee applications and desktops. A hosted desktop gives users access to an operating system and applications via a web browser. This makes it available from any electronic device in any location with a reliable connection to the Internet.

Data is secure on a virtual desktop because service providers offer multiple layers of security to give users peace of mind. Access to the data is encrypted to eliminate any unauthorized access. The service backs up data and saves it according to the client’s specifications. Providers include instant around the clock IT support with their packages. If something does go wrong, users can expect immediate solutions without the need to wait for a service technician to show up.

Business owners enjoy more flexibility. A centralized management platform allows quicker response to updates in software. This eliminates the need for IT specialists to install software on multiple devices and reduces downtime needed for multiple updates.

This technology offers companies an effective and safer alternative to storing proprietary and confidential data on laptops. Laptops are vulnerable to theft and loss, especially during travel. Storing the data in a secure, centralized location prevents it from falling into unauthorized hands.

Virtual desktops can improve productivity and offers options for employers when they run into common problems in the workplace. Employees can do their work on any electronic device. If one device experiences a hardware failure, users can move to a different device and pick up the work right from they left off. There is no downtime waiting for someone to show up and repair the device.

Companies doing business in locations with harsh climates often experience downtime caused by bad weather. With access to virtual desktops, employees can work from home using a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Those who experience travel delays and cannot make it back to the office can work from wherever they are on any portable device.

Users of this technology are able to save in maintenance and administrative expenses. IT administrators spend less time supporting, patching, and upgrading each individual employee’s computer. Business owners converting to a virtual desktop do not have to worry about the costs of installing the back-end infrastructure because the service provider assumes all such responsibilities.

Start-up businesses can save money from the beginning when purchasing computer equipment. Owners can opt to purchase more affordable netbooks to access the desktop images. Because management and maintenance of the images is the responsibility of the provider, they shift some of the computer budget to other areas. There is no need to purchase and supply space for an expensive in-house server. Monthly utility bills will be lower without all that hardware to run.

Employees can continue to use all local devices even though the desktops are stored on the Internet. They can save and print files locally. All data stays in a centralized location eliminating the need to transfer files between devices. This saves steps and improves overall productivity.