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Is IT Holding Your Business Back?

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Is technology holding your business back? If so, turn it into an asset, make it a strength rather than a weakness, allow it to add to your businesses success. How? Consider outsourcing it. Overcoming common issues.  The cost of DIY IT can hit businesses in four ways: The initial financial investment and ongoing costs can… continue reading »

Blocked & Blackmailed

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Ransomeware tricks (Clown)

Ransomware is one of the biggest menaces on the internet, it’s a fast-ubiquitous security threat, knowing how cybercriminals are threatening security is the first step to securing your information. So, how is this stunt preformed?   Ransomware is computer malware that installs itself on a victim’s computer via a link, downloading a PDF or a… continue reading »

Ways How Businesses Can Prevent Data Loss

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Most businesses today depend on computers for various kinds of work, including creating, saving, and sharing data. As easy as computers make our lives, there is also the fear of data loss, that can bring along costly consequences. Whether it’s caused by a hardware or software failure, virus attack, human error or data theft, losing… continue reading »

The Truth About Cloud Services

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The demand for cloud services is ever increasing by the day and experts predict this is going to be the trend for at least a few years. Well, it goes without saying that it represents a huge revolution in IT. It is important to understand the benefits and assess the need to take advantage of cloud computing. Understanding the concept is also very important as well.

Top 10 Reasons a Company Doesn’t Need our IT Security Services

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The top 10 reasons a company doesn’t need our IT security services are: 1. Your organization does not use any Microsoft, Adobe, Linux, Oracle, Novell, IBM, Google, Apple, or other business-critical infrastructure 2. You thrive on the endless spontaneity that comes from poor visibility into vulnerabilities 3. You don’t lose sleep on Patch Tuesdays 4. Your business… continue reading »