Work From Anywhere With Our Hosted Desktop UK Solutions

In 2008, Network London launched one of the first hosted desktop services in the UK enabling organisations the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Our mission still continues to this day, we help businesses reduce costs, improve productivity, and simplify processes through innovative cloud technologies.

Hosted Desktop Solutions Designed To Simplify Your Business

Adopting technology that solves multiple problems all at once is never a bad strategy. The average IT system has an enormous amount of moving parts that can be expensive to maintain.

Remote working is now more popular than ever, and hosted desktops provide an all-in-one solution.

Switching to a fully hosted virtual desktop environment means expensive IT infrastructure is no longer required. As long as every participant has access to the internet, your entire business is able to be hosted and users are able to securely connect with any device they choose, whenever required.

A hosted desktop environment is far more cost-effective with all backups, updates, support, and maintenance included as standard, removing the hassle of maintaining these systems internally.

Hosted Desktops UK Diagram

Network London’s hosted desktop solutions provide your team the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Our security-first approach and expert technical support team take care of all the details, allowing you to focus on the important stuff.

Why choose network london?

While we take pride in our innovative hosted desktop platform and IT support expertise, we know that technical knowledge will only get us so far. Our highest priority is to deliver a reliable platform backed by exceptional customer service.

Our clients are looked after by a dedicated account manager to ensure all business goals and objectives are met. Our clients often comment on how impressed they are with our response times, our dedication to resolving IT issues, and our calm approach during stressful times.

Introducing Our Resilient Hosted Desktop UK platform

From the user’s point of view, a hosted desktop is simply a portal to all business applications and data which can be remotely accessed by Apple and Windows workstations, tablets, and smartphones. From an administration point of view, the power of our platform takes place behind the scenes.

Below are just a few of the benefits a hosted desktop service can provide:


By eliminating the need for local processing power, any internet enabled device can be used to access hosted desktops without any performance impact. All data is processed directly within our data centres and the only information that is streamed to devices is the portal, keystrokes and mouse movements.

Therefore, a reliable connection doesn't need to be extraordinarily fast. 1Mbps is generally more than enough for 10 - 20 users to achieve a good level of performance.


Physical security is clearly an important feature of our hosted desktop implementation. Our hosted desktop servers are located in two world-class data centres, both accredited and certified to ISO27001 and PCI DSS security standards. Both UK data centres are state-of-the-art fortresses with limited access to personnel.

We're also cybersecurity experts and place a lot of emphasis on virtual security too. Our hosted desktop environment is protected through military-grade SSL encryption, advanced firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-virus, and secure data separation.


Our support team solves problems with an average phone response time of 7 seconds. We're also able to implement company-wide changes within 24 hours and tailor costs to fit part-time users and freelancers. If your intention is to grow in size, our hosted desktop platform can accommodate any measure of users without any impact on performance.

We're also able to create installations for new starters that adhere to your exacting security and application standards from the moment of first logging in, reducing the time required for onboarding. However small or large your requirements may be, our hosted desktop platform is built to scale to any size.


The reliability of on-site infrastructure is always a concern for business owners, but moving to Network London's UK hosted desktop platform means all the important tasks are taken care of automatically. Our hosted desktops are purposefully designed to include multi-stage backups, ensuring your critical data is protected.

What happens if your internet connection goes offline? No problem, you're able to access our remote hosted desktop service from home or using a secondary connection.

We’re also able to set up your office with a secondary backup connection if uptime is crucial to your business. Our platform uptime guarantee is 99.9% with credits added to your account if our SLA is not met.

Migrating to hosted desktops is as easy as 1,2,3

Most businesses love the idea of a hosted desktop environment and all its related benefits but are worried about the migration process. In reality, the process is really simple:

Stage 1

It takes around a week for our support team to migrate the bulk of your data in the background, and throughout the process, your business operations continue as normal.

Stage 2

On the day you're due to go live, we're on hand to help your staff to connect and because the platform visually matches what your team already uses, there isn't much training required.

Stage 3

As you start to explore the power of your new system, our support consultants will be on hand to adjust any settings, add additional applications, or provide assistance.

If you would like a detailed walkthrough of our entire migration process or a quote on our hosted desktop pricing, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Are there any other benefits to Network London's Hosted platform?

Our hosted desktops offer unmatched data safety and security when compared to traditional desktop configurations. As no local data is being stored on any physical machines, there is no risk of data being stolen i.e. lost laptops or mobile devices.

As a long-term investment, hosted desktops are designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive IT infrastructure and the ongoing costs of maintenance:

Secure Backup and Replication

Our hosted desktop solution includes a rolling 2 week secure backup as standard, however, we also are able to provide an upgraded service that includes snapshots of every hour, day, week, and month on a rolling basis to recover data at any point in time.

We also provide a secure replication of all hosted desktops every hour to our secondary data centre, ensuring your environment is both backed up and replicated for the ultimate peace of mind. We're also able to replicate your data to a local office server, should you prefer to keep a copy in-house.

Tailored Hosted Services

Any licensed software your business owns and requires as part of your toolset can be installed within your hosted desktop environment, at no extra charge. Need to install a printer or scanner in your office? No problem, all hosted desktops are designed to perform as if located directly in your office.

Whether you are looking to integrate Office 365 or adopt our in-house Microsoft Exchange email server, we're able to tailor your hosted desktop environment with any number of applications required.

You're still able to use mobile devices with any of our hosted exchange services or applications which connect to the internet. The bottom line is - there are no limits, our hosted desktops UK service is able to replicate every scenario.

Cost Savings

Aside from reducing costs in yearly infrastructure upgrades, there are also reduced costs for utilities. A server, for example, roughly consumes around £100 worth of electricity per year, and high powered equipment roughly equates to £60 per device per year.

By eventually replacing your existing workstations with thin clients (slimmed down computers designed for remote access) that are far cheaper to purchase and require almost no upgrades or electrical power to run, your business will eventually save on both utility costs and upgrading equipment over the long term.

Dedicated Hosted Desktop Support

Another cost-saving is our inclusive support through our Microsoft and Apple certified team. We take care of all updates, patching, and security, we maintain backups and hosted desktop replication and we put customer service above all else.

Network London is a UK based organisation, all hosted desktop support is undertaken by ourselves and we're committed to delivering world-class expertise with a lightning-fast response time whenever you need us.

Network London’s hosted desktop UK service delivers your entire IT environment anywhere access is needed. Our platform meets the highest standards in security, performance, and reliability, providing the perfect foundation for your business to grow.