Ways How Businesses Can Prevent Data Loss

Lee Smith data loss prevention


Most businesses today depend on computers for various kinds of work, including creating, saving, and sharing data. As easy as computers make our lives, there is also the fear of data loss, that can bring along costly consequences. Whether it’s caused by a hardware or software failure, virus attack, human error or data theft, losing any kind of important information, sensitive or not, can require a business to pay a hefty price. To prevent such a case, it is vital to take necessary steps. Read the following tips and talk to your IT support company for detailed information.

Always Have a Backup

You never know what might happen, so backing up all information stored on your device is an invaluable idea. All your work and all details of your clients can be wiped out by a single malfunction. To prevent such a nightmare, make sure to regularly backup your data.

Restrict the Use of External Hard Drives

External drives like CDs, pen drives and other such portable devices increase the risk of virus infection and compromise your confidential information. Set guidelines about using such USB devices and restrict them to a minimum to ensure safety of your computer.

Use a Strong and Effective Anti-Virus

Viruses and malicious software can affect your computer even without your knowledge. Since it is almost impossible to manually keep a tab on every website you access or every email that you receive, installing a powerful anti-virus is mandatory if you want to prevent things like hacking, phishing, identity theft, virus attacks, etc.

Data encryption

One of the best ways to prevent loss of data is by encrypting information. Investing in a data recovery and backup system will help you encrypt data and make a backup at the same time. There are various IT support services available that can be hired for this purpose.

Loss of data can be a disaster for anybody- businesses or individuals. Having a proper backup system and by taking measures to prevent virus attacks, businesses can ensure safety of their valuable information.