Month: May 2007

Call Recording

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One of the major features that many people were afraid would be severely affected in a switch from conventional telephone plans to VOIP plans was the call recording feature. Traditional call recording is done through either the use of a remote answering machine service that is dialed into remotely through the phone or alternatively it… continue reading »

VoIP Phones

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VoIP Phones are the telephonic devices used for VoIP services. It can be a normal standard analogue telephone or the exclusive IP phones that can be used for VoIP communications only. If to eliminate the intermediary technicalities, both types of phones facilitate communication by sending the conversation as data packets over the internet to the… continue reading »

Blackberry 8800

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Blackberry 8800 is the latest on the line of RIM smart phones – feature rich and visually and functionally inspiring. It is also the thinnest Blackberry handset yet. Going straight into its specifications, the Blackberry 8800 comes equipped with a QWERTY keyboard – unlike Blackberry Pearl – and a trackball navigation system. It appears that… continue reading »

Wireless Networks & Networking Security

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Networking and wireless networks are an important part of business and personal electronic computing solutions nowadays and because of this, more and more people are putting in more hours to research, and corporate companies are funding such initiatives in a scale never seen before. The act of being able to share information between computers without… continue reading »