Month: June 2014

Why More Companies Are Opting To Use Cloud Computing Services

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Businesses are always looking for cost-effective strategies for increasing their efficiency. This is why companies of all sizes are opting to use cloud computing services. These have made it easier for commercial organizations to lower their carbon footprints, outsource vital aspects of their operations and allow workers to telecommute. With flexible technical solutions, these entities can maintain flexible work processes.

Different Aspects Of Your Disaster Recovery Plan And Why They Matter

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Unexpected events can have a devastating impact on your business. This is especially true if you are unprepared for dealing with them. In the commercial arena, one of the most important aspects of any good disaster recovery plan are the preparations that are made for preserving stored data. Having the right IT support can make a world of difference when it comes to getting our business back on track after any surprising and unpleasant development.

Everything You Need To Know About Choosing IT Security Services

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Protecting company information has become critical. Unfortunately, this has become extremely challenging now that businesses are maintaining a large portion of their operations online. This has made it vital for commercial organizations to align themselves with the best possible IT security services. Doing so can keep a number of unpleasant developments at bay.

Things To Think About When Choosing IT Security Services

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Every business has to have a technical component if it wants to effectively compete and succeed in its industry. Understanding this fact, it is also important for companies t have the right IT security services. Whenever there is a technical aspect to a commercial endeavor, there is also the likelihood of having stored data become compromised. Preventing this from happening will help businesses to preserve their reputations, protect the interests of their clients and guard their own confidential data.

Software Solutions That Allow For Business Continuity

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When businesses are forced to deal with unexpected developments, there are two main considerations that they must make. These include the long-term management of their commercial images and the effects of these events on their existing customer base. These things make business continuity of the utmost importance. Keeping your operations moving forward is critical for public relations and for ensuring that customer satisfaction and retention levels remain high.

Everything That You Need To Know Abut Choosing IT Support For Your Growing Business

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Keeping the technical side of your operations up and running is essential. Without access to your company files and any web-based platforms that you are using to meet the needs of consumers, you are likely to lose a considerable portion of your customer base. Consumers are quick to grow weary of businesses that are always suffering from long-lasting technical issues. This is why it is vital to ensure that you have the best possible IT support for your organization.

Businesses Beware As Cyber Crime Hits Epidemic Proportions

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Cyber-crime experts are teaming up with the FBI and the National Crime Agency to crack down on a new malicious software virus such as Gameover, Zeus, or P2PZeus and ransomware CryptoLocker. This software has the ability to capture your passwords, remove money from your bank accounts and steal your personal information for ransom e.g. personal photos, messages and any other incriminating information you wouldn’t want to go public. There is also the possibility of accessing your webcam to spy on you as well.