Business IT Security

Business IT security and cyber security is a must for any serious organisation. Our long-standing clients enjoy a range of world-class IT security solutions that meets their budgets and their business or compliance requirements.

We specialise in the financial services sector, helping companies such as hedge funds and trading firms, but we also have clients in the recruitment, property, retail and leisure sectors.

From penetration testing and 24/7 monitoring, through to managed business antivirus, we will provide a secure solution for your business. We also provide businesses with IT security policies that meet both internal and external compliance requirements, using the best technology on the market.

According to leading research organisation Gartner, business IT security is one of the ever-growing concerns for small, medium and large organisations, due to data loss or theft from staff and hackers. We have helped companies by assisting with the creation or amendment of IT security policies that help to lock down business data to prevent intellectual property theft.

We also help companies by implementing defence in-depth, perimeter security systems that identify unauthorised attempts to gain access to the business.

Our engineers are highly skilled individuals with qualifications such as EC-Council Ethical Hacker certification, which provides us with the knowledge your business requires to deal with the growing cyber security threats that face businesses.

Whether you are a FTSE 100 business or a security conscious small or medium business, we will tailor a solution that provides the necessary security for your individual business needs, gives you peace of mind, in-depth monthly reporting and meets any compliance requirements you may have.

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