Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is essential for any business. We can help you prepare for disaster recovery in many ways depending on the nature and size of your business. Below are some examples of how we can keep your business IN BUSINESS 24 hours a day.

Small companies with 5-50 users or Global Offices

For smaller businesses with global offices or 5-50 users, we can provide robust IT systems and cloud hosting where you can pay one fixed monthly cost and what you get is a enterprise-grade network solution that includes:

  • Online backup service
  • Built-in disaster recovery protection
  • Multiple levels of restore points
  • Global access to data and applications

Larger companies with 50-1,000 users

For larger businesses we can offer superior enterprise-class solutions with real-time, off-site synchronisation.

Choose from off-site data replication or our cloud infrastructure (IAAS). You can host all of part of your critical systems in our secure data centres, giving your business service levels of 99.99% and the peace of mind that your data is being replicated daily to a second data centre, with the option to increase the frequency of and length of backups whenever you like.

We will look after your critical data and applications, so that in the event of a disaster, users will still be able to work anywhere in the world, with almost-instant failover, in the event of an incident. When your business and data is critical, you need a disaster system that is tried and tested, with regular tests that illustrate you are in safe hands.

When you need to place sensitive data and systems with an IT provider with a proven track record, Network London will deliver leading-edge solutions to keep your business running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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