Is IT Holding Your Business Back?

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Is technology holding your business back? If so, turn it into an asset, make it a strength rather than a weakness, allow it to add to your businesses success. How? Consider outsourcing it. Overcoming common issues.  The cost of DIY IT can hit businesses in four ways: The initial financial investment and ongoing costs can… continue reading »

Blocked & Blackmailed

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Ransomeware tricks (Clown)

Ransomware is one of the biggest menaces on the internet, it’s a fast-ubiquitous security threat, knowing how cybercriminals are threatening security is the first step to securing your information. So, how is this stunt preformed?   Ransomware is computer malware that installs itself on a victim’s computer via a link, downloading a PDF or a… continue reading »

Ways How Businesses Can Prevent Data Loss

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Most businesses today depend on computers for various kinds of work, including creating, saving, and sharing data. As easy as computers make our lives, there is also the fear of data loss, that can bring along costly consequences. Whether it’s caused by a hardware or software failure, virus attack, human error or data theft, losing… continue reading »

The Best Cloud Storage Services

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Cloud storage has become very popular and one of the most preferred methods of storing data among both individuals and businesses these days. Remote storage allows people to sync and share data over computers that are not connected by a local network. Whether it’s your home computer that you manage yourself or your business network… continue reading »

Cloud Computing Services – Fast Access from Multiple Devices Guaranteed

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Managing business infrastructure and maintaining system for maximum efficiency is often a headache to most businessmen. This could either make or break any business in no time. Especially, large businesses that deal with plenty of customers and their details are stored in computer databases. Adding a large volume of customer data and retrieving it is… continue reading »

Disaster recovery services a life saver for businesses

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Disaster recovery was adapted in late 70’s when businesses and managers slowly started to recognise the immense influence and dependence of businesses on the computer systems. In those days most of the systems were batch based processors and once affected they would be down for several days ultimately damaging the core of the organizations systems…. continue reading »