Phishing Simulation

Our Phishing Simulation &  Social Engineering Prevention Services help your business combat the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Approximately 80% of Cyber Attacks are cause by Phishing Emails, so we help test and train your staff on how to identify such attacks so your business is not one of the unlucky victims of social engineering or cyber attacks that cost businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds.

How our Phishing Simulation works:

  • Send Attacks – Send simulated attacks from a personalised created template based on the latest threats
  • View Analytics – Understand which employees are most vulnerable to phishing attacks
  • Insights – Demonstrate to your stakeholders the increasing organisational competences at mitigating this threat, using objective measures
  • Monitoring – Maintain the improved security posture towards the risk with continuous campaigns
  • Train Employees – Mitigate risk in high vulnerability individuals through concise in-the-moment training. Repeat offenders receive more focused attention and are clearly flagged to you to pinpoint the leaks

This is an essential tool in today’s cyber security environment and will help protect your business from the most common form of attack.

Contact us to see how we can protect your business.