Social Media Marketing Service

The B2B Social Media Service

Our social media marketing service will allow you to run your business and let us completely manage your social media postings for you.

The central focus of Network London is to create added value for our clients.

Marketers from any background and level can seamlessly develop a strong branding campaign that will increase your brand awareness and help with your search engine rankings, alongside our SEO services.  Below is a ‘fact-based’ description of our Social Media Service, including the features, the benefits you will experience, etc.

What to Expect

Here’s what comes with our integrated social b2b marketing service;

Strategic Measurements: Insightful and intriguing visual reports providing all the KPI’s analytics necessary. Allows the ability to best predict and improve the effectiveness of your social media strategy/budget and identify sales opportunities. E.g. get feedback on most successful content.

Powerful Statistics: Awesome, new and improved statistics which provide tweet-by-tweet, post-by-post stats, hashtag analysis, optimal time of day and comparisons across the platforms that you are using.

Creative Communication: We provide you content 7 days in advance to review and exchange ideas until you are happy before we finally publish.

Easy to use control panel:

Great visibility enabling you to:

  • Edit, delete, schedule content as you wish in simple and quick steps.
  • Add in additional images to any tweet or Facebook post.
  • Add additional tweets and posts, images & schedule in news stories or blog articles using the RSS feed tool.

Your Campaign Management Team: dedicated to your social success, the team will first ‘crawl, walk and then run’ with you as your company turns into a Social Media Powerhouse. Furthermore the team will help;

  • Develop a creative writing strategy that is unique to you and your social campaign.
  • Align the characteristics of the social campaign with your core values and expectations.
  • Will continuously provide you with relevant and interesting hints, tips, facts and trivia to dilute the core sales message.

Try our system, with no contract or binding agreement and see how easy social media should be and prices start from just £150 per month.

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