Virtual CTO Services

What is a Virtual CTO Service?

A virtual CTO is the perfect step for a small and medium size business that is looking to grow and requires access to the latest technology, without having to go through the painful process of finding and hiring the services of a highly-skilled expert in IT and having the overhead of a full-time position.

A virtual technical director can bring massive benefits to your business and has access to a wide range of skill sets and will bring more dynamic solutions to your business than a lone individual with one opinion.

What Benefits can a Virtual CTO Bring?

  • On-demand CTO or virtual IT director
  • Strategic planning for all IT matters
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity planning
  • Project recovery and optimisation
  • Enterprise architecture implementation
  • Availability and monitoring

To find out how a virtual CTO can help your business, call 0844 884 5196.