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Is IT Holding Your Business Back?

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Is technology holding your business back? If so, turn it into an asset, make it a strength rather than a weakness, allow it to add to your businesses success. How? Consider outsourcing it. Overcoming common issues.  The cost of DIY IT can hit businesses in four ways: The initial financial investment and ongoing costs can… continue reading »

Cloud Computing – Next-Gen Tool for Making Computing Systems Productive

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Productivity is crucial for any business. With everything turning out to digitisation it becomes necessary to utilise the maximum efficiency of computing systems to leverage sales and improve business. Especially, large businesses confront this problem often and this could affect and reduce the productivity levels remarkably. Hosting business and client information on servers and retrieving… continue reading »

A Short History of Cloud Computing

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The origin of the term ‘cloud computing’ is unclear. References to the term can be heard as far back as 1996. But in 2006, Amazon introduced the Elastic Compute Cloud which led to the popularity of the term.  It’s interesting to note that its history goes back as far as the 1950s. In the 1950s,… continue reading »

Why More Companies Are Opting To Use Cloud Computing Services

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Businesses are always looking for cost-effective strategies for increasing their efficiency. This is why companies of all sizes are opting to use cloud computing services. These have made it easier for commercial organizations to lower their carbon footprints, outsource vital aspects of their operations and allow workers to telecommute. With flexible technical solutions, these entities can maintain flexible work processes.

Things To Think About When Choosing IT Security Services

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Every business has to have a technical component if it wants to effectively compete and succeed in its industry. Understanding this fact, it is also important for companies t have the right IT security services. Whenever there is a technical aspect to a commercial endeavor, there is also the likelihood of having stored data become compromised. Preventing this from happening will help businesses to preserve their reputations, protect the interests of their clients and guard their own confidential data.

Ensure You Use Very Secure Cloud Computing Services

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The first idea of what people now call cloud computing was announced by JCR Licklider, in 1970. During these years, he was responsible for the creation of the ARPANET, the very first step on the path to modern day cloud computing services. His idea was that everyone on earth is connected to a network, from which they will receive not only data, but programs too.

Choosing From Safe Cloud Services

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Businesses are continually faced with the need to keep up with all their document management and safety needs. Many companies learn that they are unaware of how to go about ensuring their files and documents are effectively protected from various forms of theft and harm as they try to keep their operations effectively maintained. Anyone dealing with this need should know the basics of choosing from safe cloud services to be assured their efforts will be proactively managed.

The Benefits Of Implementing A Hosted Desktop

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Business owners are routinely faced with a multitude of complications that could arise while attempting to keep themselves affordable and efficient. The efficiency standards that are often sought after can become an integral part of being able to keep budgets under control while reducing overhead and other operating expenses over time. Anyone dealing with this issue should learn the benefits of implementing a hosted desktop server as part of their ability to create a remote and affordable operating platform for their employees.