Advanced cyber security services for the ultimate defence

Our advanced cyber security service acts as a significant barrier against cyber threats. By deploying proven cyber security frameworks, we’ll help you to defend your business in realtime.
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An example pop-up message of an IT support requestAn example pop-up message of an IT support request

Get peace of mind with 24/7 cyber security monitoring and threat resolution.

Empower your team with vital skills and tools to protect themselves and your business.

Simplify compliance with cyber security policies tailored to your business.

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A weak cyber security strategy may let threats slip through...

Recognise any of these scenarios?

Your staff are anxious about phishing and malware, unsure how to identify the threats.

You’re concerned that your current cyber security measures might not be strong enough.

There’s increasing pressure to ensure customer data is more securely protected.

“We believe every business deserves cyber security that’s robust, dependable and highly effective.”

Get the cyber defences you deserve

We know how stressful relentless cyber security threats can be, we've even seen businesses struggle to recover from just one attack. For over 15 years, we've been fortifying IT systems and training teams, leading more than 300 businesses to significantly reduce their cyber security incidents.

“And we’re absolutely confident we can get those results for you too.”

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What are the perks of our cyber security service?


years of expertise and experience


business supported across the UK


certified and highly skilled IT experts

Always managed

You’ll get access to your own cyber security director who maintains your unique strategy, so you’ll always be in the loop and confident that your defences are being managed expertly.

Always available

Being connected to our security operations centre means 24/7 live monitoring by expert cyber analysts, which means immediate action on any potential threats.

Defence masters

With our in-depth cyber security training, we’ll help turn your team into expert defenders against common cyber threats, equipping them with skills that are easy to learn and apply.


years of expertise and experience


business supported across the UK


certified and highly skilled IT experts

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What our customers have to say

Called them - rather than email - got response within a minute and my issue was dealt with very quickly and personably - As it always is.

Gabriel E.

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Great service as always! I hardly ever need support with my Mac, but when I do, these are the people I would, without a doubt, recommend. Michael was patient (with my lack of knowledge) and fixed my issues!

Natalie D.

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I contacted Network London first thing and my enquiry / request was answered immediately. After an exchange of emails, the works requested were carried out on time and correctly meaning our new remote worker could carryout his daily tasks.

Andrew T.

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They are always speedy and helpful with responding to any questions and get things sorted quickly! Thanks to the great team.

Maari A.

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Your advanced cybersecurity blueprint

Step 1

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Book a call with our IT security specialists

We’ll discuss your cyber security challenges and arrange a free on-site audit to find all the answers you need.

Step 2

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We’ll get to work on your custom strategy

We’ll design and deliver an cyber security strategy that solves every problem and supports every team member.

Step 3

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Sit back and watch as IT distractions disappear

Enjoy well-deserved peace of mind as cyber security distractions disappear and your team's productivity shoots up.

Cyber security services and a whole lot more!

Network auditing

With our network auditing, you'll understand the health of your IT infrastructure, ensuring you're always informed and secure against performance issues and potential risks.

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Advanced user training

With our advanced user training, your team won't just be informed, they'll be cyber-savvy, leading to a workplace where everyone plays a part in safeguarding against digital threats.

Vulnerability scanning

Our proactive vulnerability scanning means spotting security gaps before they're exploited, so you can rest easy knowing your systems are scrutinised for threats.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing by our experts mimics real-life breaches, revealing weak spots in your defences, so you can strengthen your IT systems and keep attackers at bay.

Dark web monitoring

Our dark web monitoring brings to light any of your data that’s hidden in the shadows, offering the reassurance that your confidential information hasn't slipped through the cracks.

Sec Ops Centre (SOC)

Our Sec Ops Centre is your eye in the sky for cybersecurity, constantly monitoring for threats, which means you get instant alerts and protection from emerging dangers.

Phishing simulations

Phishing simulations put your team's security knowledge to the test, creating a workforce alert to scams, which means fewer clicks on dangerous links and a safer email environment.


EDR gives you a magnifying glass over endpoint activities, providing swift detection and response, so a threat on one device doesn’t become a crisis for your business.

Ready to discuss your cyber security goals?

Whether you’re in the market for a new cyber security service provider, or have a technical challenge to solve, we’re here to help. Click the button below to talk to one of our experts.

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