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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Hosted Desktop

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When it comes to obtaining a hosted desktop, an individual will need to consider several factors.Many companies will offer to provide an unrivaled up time guarantee while at the same time providing access to resources and support designed to make it easier to access a cloud. However, it is upon the client to choose the firm that he thinks will be the best to work with when it comes to cloud services provision.

The Advantages Of Transitioning To Cloud Services

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Cloud services is a term that refers to any hardware, storage, network, or interface delivered to the end user over the Internet either as a complete platform or separate components. The service provider has complete responsibility for information technology assets and the maintenance of those assets. This eliminates the need for the user to purchase and maintain equipment in house.

How Cloud Desktops Work

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A hosted desktop runs in the cloud. When you use the keyboard, the keystrokes are transmitted to the cloud and the respective images are transmitted back to the screen of the device you are working on.

The Benefits of Hosted Desktop Systems

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Hosted desktop is still in relatively early stages, but it has already generated enough interest in business owners’ minds worldwide. The concept is pretty straightforward – imagine all your data, applications and e-mail stored centrally on a server, from which you can access these files any time you want. So what is special about it?… continue reading »

What Are the Benefits of Remote Access and Remote Desktop IT Systems?

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Remote access is fast being a necessity for many businesses and organisations both large and small. With the ever increasing availability of high-speed Internet access you can have your software applications hosted remotely, which allows staff and global offices access to shared applications with simplicity and without the need for IT technicians or support and… continue reading »

Disaster Recovery, Are You Prepared?

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Disaster recovery is one of the most important factors for most businesses, yet it is often overlooked or considered too expensive to implement. Disaster recovery solutions enable a business to continue working in the event of fire, theft, malfunction or terrorism. By preparing for disaster recovery, your business will not lose any valuable data, configurations… continue reading »

The Best IT System To Support Your Company

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Long gone are the days when IT systems consist of poor-performing PCs, Notebooks & Servers with an IT support company with unreliable companies with slow response times. Well, that is how it should be! With the age of secure, remote access IT systems & remote IT support, what is now commercially available to all businesses… continue reading »