The Basics of Disaster Recovery and Its Relevance to an Organization

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Disaster Recovery

What is it?
Disaster recovery enables the documentation of policies, procedures and actions to limit the disruption to an organization in the wake of a disaster scenario. Recovery or continuance of important data from existing systems and technology infrastructure is the focus of disaster recovery. It supports technology or
IT systems that act as a support to crucial business functions and business continuity, which involves keeping essential features of a business functioning despite significant impact or disruptive events. Disaster recovery is considered an essential part of keeping business continuity.

Why is it important?
In the long run a disaster plan is a much more profitable option as it’s estimated every dollar spent toward disaster recovery saves up to four times the same amount in terms of response and recovery.

With Network and IT systems becoming the backbone for any business operation due to the amount of data operation involved, investing in disaster recovery is not just a viable but smart option. The need of keeping system operations continued is a crucial factor.

The stages of a Disaster Recovery plan:

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) has the following stages:
Step 1: Getting a clear picture of the organization’s interrelated resources.

Step 2: Assessing vulnerably in various areas such as operating procedures, data reliability

Step 3: Assessment of the extent of damage on the event of a disaster.

Step 4: Developing an effective disaster recovery plan and prioritizing the order of functions that are resumed.

Step 5: Testing and maintenance to ensure efficient operation.

Better safe than sorry:
A recent survey suggested that almost half of the companies that lose business data are forced to shut down within a year. And there were significant losses in almost every company that was unable to provide continued data. For this reason recovery of data is a serious affair for any business owner. Having a disaster recovery system in place can only help you in better securing your business operations. Like they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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