Simple pricing for managed IT services

Our IT packages are customisable, giving you the freedom to select only the services you really need. This way, you get reliable support that fits comfortably within your budget.
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No surprises. The costs for IT services are both predictable and transparent.

Here is what you can expect

Every monthly bill is itemised and broken down by user and service, giving you full control over your costs.

Our flexible contracts adapt as your team changes in size, ensuring you always get the right level of support.

We also offer equipment leasing and payment plans to help you manage your cash flow.

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We aim for complete clarity so you can manage your budget with confidence.

How the cost of different IT services are calculated

We design each package to include the IT services you’d like us to supply, and the complexity of your IT environment. Our aim is to offer you a package that aligns closely with your business needs while keeping an eye on cost-effectiveness. Factors such as the number of users, devices, software licenses, and any specialised add-ons can influence the overall cost.

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Example packages and configurations

To illustrate the flexibility of our packages, we've created example configurations for three fictional companies: Alpha Corp, Bravo Corp, and Charlie Corp. These scenarios demonstrate how per-user costs can vary, from basic helpdesk support to comprehensive solutions for advanced multinational organisations.

Alpha Corp

As a remote team with no physical offices, Alpha Corp requires basic remote helpdesk support and advanced cyber security.

Starting at

£35 to £55

/ user monthly

Helpdesk support

Managed cyber security

Dedicated site visits

Managed software licensing

Managed VoIP services

Managed internet services

Managed compliance

Bravo Corp

With a complex infrastructure, Bravo Corp has requested weekly dedicated site visits and advanced cyber security.

Starting at

£55 to £85

/ user monthly

Helpdesk support

Managed cyber security

Dedicated site visits

Managed software licensing

Managed VoIP services

Managed internet services

Managed compliance

Charlie Corp

As a multi-national enterprise, Charlie Corp requires fully scoped managed services across the board.

Starting at

£85 to £125

/ user monthly

Helpdesk support

Managed cyber security

Dedicated site visits

Managed software licensing

Managed VoIP services

Managed internet services

Managed compliance

Building your ideal IT services together

Think of creating your IT support package like crafting the perfect cake recipe: start with the core services and then add extra layers to match the specific needs of your business. Below, you'll find the ingredients we use to make up each custom package.

Core Services


Smooth transition from previous suppliers and services.

Essential Security

Core defence tools including antivirus, DNS protection, and more.

Essential Training

Ongoing cybersecurity awareness programs for users.

Dedicated IT director

Your dedicated strategist and account manager.


Scoped strategies and frameworks tailored to drive your business goals.


Comprehensive audits with detailed reports and recommendations.


Unlimited Helpdesk

Remote support with unlimited access to our IT specialists via phone, email, and online portal.

Emergency Site Visits

On-site resolution for issues unreachable remotely.

Out Of Hours Support

Helpdesk access outside standard business hours.

Dedicated Site Visits

Scheduled on-site visits for specific task execution and internal support for users.

Advanced Cyber Security

Network Auditing

Comprehensive and continuous analysis of your network infrastructure to identify performance issues and potential risks.

Vulnerability Scanning

Proactive scans of systems to detect and report potential security threats before they're exploited.

Dark Web Monitoring

Surveillance of hidden online spaces to alert you if your company's data appears in malicious marketplaces.

Phishing Simulations

Controlled attack simulations to test and strengthen your team's resilience against email-based scams.

Advanced User Training

In-depth cybersecurity education sessions, designed to equip users with knowledge beyond the basics.

Penetration Testing

Expert-led evaluations of your defences, simulating real-world attacks to highlight areas for improvement.

Sec Ops Centre (SOC)

Active scanning and real-time hunting for emerging threats by security analysts.


Real-time monitoring and analysis of endpoint activities to swiftly identify and mitigate security incidents.


System Management

Remote performance monitoring, patch management, and more.

Task Automation

Streamlined deployment strategies for new equipment and software.

Cloud Management

Comprehensive administration of cloud platforms such as Microsoft 365, Google, Dropbox, and more.

Network Solutions

Expert design and management of your Wi-Fi and cabled networks.

Server & Infrastructure Management

Proactive oversight of server health, capacity planning, and infrastructure optimisation. Includes backup solutions, failover strategies, and disaster recovery preparations.

VoIP Support

Management and support of internet-based phone systems.

Unified Communications

Managed integration of voice, video, and text channels to ensure seamless collaboration and workflow.

Internet Services

Optimised internet solutions, from leased lines to ADSL, providing you with fast, stable, and scalable connectivity.

Inventory Management

Asset tracking, warranty monitoring, and equipment life cycle management.

Mobile Management

Centralise and streamline control of all business mobile devices.

Vendor Management

Coordination with 3rd party vendors for all IT-related external services.


Cyber Essentials Certification

Achieve a government-backed, industry-supported certification designed to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

ISO 27001 Information Security

Implement a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

ISO 22301 Business Continuity

Establish, implement, and maintain a formalised system that ensures the continuation of business operations during unexpected disruptions.

GDPR Compliance

Ensure your organisation's data processing actions align with the General Data Protection Regulation, protecting the privacy rights of individuals within the European Union.


Adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, ensuring secure card transactions and protecting cardholder data against theft.