Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our IT services? Our FAQ page is designed to give you straightforward answers. Here, you'll find clarity on how we work, what we offer, and how we can make tech hassle-free for your business.
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Can we try your services for free before committing?

Absolutely, we encourage it. The most effective way to get a feel for our capabilities is through a detailed site audit to identify vulnerabilities and performance bottlenecks within your existing setup. The comprehensive reports we provide will give you a clear understanding of our expertise, allowing you to judge if our approach is the right fit for your business needs.

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What's the difference between managed IT services and basic IT support?

Managed IT services go beyond just fixing tech problems. It's an all-in-one approach that looks after every piece of technology you use—from your telephone system to your software licenses. Alongside solving IT issues, we take steps to stop problems before they even happen. This includes monitoring your networks, bolstering your cyber security, and updating software automatically. In short, think of it as having a full IT department that's always a step ahead, without the overheads.

Past IT providers have let us down. How can we be sure yours will be different?

We genuinely empathise and are deeply committed to changing your perception of IT support. The best assurance we can offer are personal references for our long-standing clients. Their continued trust in our services, some spanning over 15 years, is the most potent endorsement of our capabilities and commitment.

How long does it take to get started with your IT services?

It's a quick process. If we're stepping in after another supplier, all we need is secure access to your existing documentation. If you're starting fresh, we'll collect essential details and create the necessary documentation for you. Our assessment is thorough but efficient, much like a car's MOT. We examine over 120 aspects of your tech setup, and we also conduct a detailed security audit. So you'll be up and running in no time, and with full peace of mind.

Our company is has many requests. Don't we need a full-time IT person?

For larger enterprises like yours, we absolutely agree that having more onsite focus is essential, and we're equipped to deliver just that. We can allocate dedicated members from our team to be at your service, onsite. This ensures real-time support, minus the hassles of HR overheads or software infrastructure costs which come with setting up an internal IT department. Instead, we’ll supply and manage your very own internal IT department that scales up and down as your requirements change.

Our team is always swamped. How can we find the time to switch IT providers?

We completely understand. Our transition process is designed to be smooth and require minimal effort from your side. If you have an existing IT provider, we’ll manage the transfer of data and systems securely, only reaching out if there's essential information or feedback needed. If you don’t have an existing IT provider, our team will take care of getting everything set up and working as needed in the background.

We're just a small business. Can we even afford IT support?

Absolutely! Much like the subscription services you're used to, such as Adobe or Microsoft, that’s how our packages work too. Compared to hiring an in-house IT specialist (minimum £50k upwards p/a), with us, you get an entire team's expertise for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately the true worth of IT support isn't in the bills but in the benefits. While expenses are tangible, the real measure is the return on that investment, which in the case of IT support is reducing the number of IT requests and freeing up your team to focus on their work.

Are there any restrictions on the industries or locations your service covers?

Our services have a broad reach, both geographically and across industries. From charities and law firms to restaurants and fintech companies, we've provided solutions nationwide and even internationally.

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