Cyber Security London

Cyber Security London – our fully-managed Cyber Security service provides that peace of mind you need in today’s environment.

With internal and external security concerns, there are more threats than ever from cyber security breaches in your company and you need a service that provides highly-skilled cyber security personnel that can detect and fix weaknesses in your business.

Cyber Security Service (These can be provided individually):

  • Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments – Deep scanning of external and/or internal assets
    to discover and document vulnerabilities in systems
  • Quarterly Penetration Testing – Executing exploits associated with vulnerabilities uncovered in the vulnerability assessment to penetrate external defenses and gather evidence in the form of sensitive data, taking control of system, taking screenshots etc.

Following each test, a report will be delivered providing:

  • A full traffic light report, highlighting all vulnerabilities
  • Recommendation call with our expert penetration testers to help you mitigate the discovered vulnerabilities

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