An Overview Of Our UK Cyber Security Testing Services

We help businesses to improve their cyber resilience through detailed Red Team security assessments, pro-active penetration testing, and end-user training. Our cyber security expertise is here to help your business mitigate security risks, identify vulnerabilities, and deploy security measures to shield your digital environment.

What is Penetration / Cyber Security Testing?

The only way to know if your security measures are working is to put your IT environment through a gauntlet of tests and create processes that actively keep track of vulnerabilities.

Hackers are highly advantageous individuals with a talent for finding flaws and creating exploits to gain access to areas they shouldn’t be able to control.

Network London takes on the role of a would-be attacker to find flaws and obtain sensitive information using the same tools hackers would be using. The difference, in this case, is all attacks and exploits are carried out in a safe and ethical way.

While security testing is highly effective at preventing technological intrusion, another important aspect involves User Awareness training.

Hackers acknowledge that it is far easier to manipulate people over technology, which is why Network London provides all the training required to help your users identify scams, and to fully understand the security controls in place which keep them safe.

UK Cyber Security

Network London applies advanced ethical hacking and social engineering techniques to help organisations identify weak points to create more resilience. We also prepare environments for higher-level certification, including cyber essentials pro, GDPR, and ISO27001.

Why choose network london?

We provide a number of managed services to our clients, all of which include our security-first approach to technology.

Whether we are setting up new IT infrastructure or taking control of existing systems, we apply our expertise to create environments which prioritise cyber security and data protection as standard.

As third party security testing consultants, our experience working with long term clients across a variety of industries means you are gaining access to our extensive knowledge in security testing across multiple real-world scenarios.

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation, Network London’s expertise and attention to detail will help to maximise the impact of your cyber security posture.

What Cyber Security testing methods do we use?

Our security testing service is tailored to meet the needs of our clients depending on their requirements and objectives. We begin our testing process with a detailed systems audit to map out all connected equipment, software, and operating systems. We also perform a series of tests that provide a fuller picture of the current security landscape.

Depending on initial test reports, we would then discuss performing a number of comprehensive security evaluations which may include a combination of the following:

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability assessments are designed to test whether or not any weak points can be found in software, firmware, or operating systems. By scanning across the network, we look to see if any vulnerability signatures can be found which could be used in a cyber attack.

Vulnerability scanning is a technique that Hackers rely on to apply pre-made exploits that can invoke higher levels of administrative ability to steal sensitive information or company data. By taking steps to address these vulnerabilities, your environment becomes more resistant to attacks.

Penetration Tests

Penetration testing is a rigorous and exhaustive process designed by our team of ethical hackers that follows common Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP). Network London includes the most up to date methods to evaluate how well your cyber security strategy is working.

Pen testing is performed in a safe way with nondestructive procedures that apply attack vectors to networks, wireless platforms, web applications, mobile devices, and a wide range of services. Network London is certified in numerous penetration tester frameworks including OWASP, PCI, PTES, and OSSTMM.

Phishing Simulations

One of the most common social engineering techniques bad actors use to take control of environments is through email. Phishing emails contain information that appears to be genuine but includes certain flaws that can be used to help train users to identify their legitimacy.

Where a penetration test is focused on discovering vulnerabilities within technology, Phishing tests offer an opportunity to examine the vigilance of users when engaged in a sophisticated social engineering attack.

Red Team Assessments

By combining several cyber security testing strategies together, a Red Team test replicates adversarial techniques to evaluate your organisations ability to detect and respond to simulated attacks.

Depending on the scope (black box, white box or grey box), and whether or not a particular scenario is to be played out, our team of penetration testers will seek to validate the effectiveness of cyber controls and discover if any improvements can be made to threat hunting, breach detection, and incident response.

Dark Web Security Scanning

Network London's dark web security testing determines whether any login information or personal data has already been stolen. Most compromised data will end up in hidden chat rooms, on private websites, or peer-to-peer networks which are only accessible by dark web-enabled applications.

Network London vigilantly searches through dark web channels to find compromised credentials associated with your organisation and provides ongoing dark web security testing services to keep you informed of any new compromised information which may emerge.

User Awareness Training

Security testing is an effective measure to harden technology, but in order to create vigilance among staff members, Network London provides awareness training to prepare users for potential security threats and attacks.

Our training helps users to confidently navigate organisational policies while also creating security awareness around the use of social media and personal devices. We also provide documentation that can be used to onboard new staff members and as a refresher course whenever required.

Network London provides comprehensive security testing services that maximise the resilience of our clients’ networks, evaluates hidden vulnerabilities, safeguards sensitive data, and shields critical operations. However challenging your objectives may be, we’re ready to help.