Disaster recovery services a life saver for businesses

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Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery was adapted in late 70’s when businesses and managers slowly started to recognise the immense influence and dependence of businesses on the computer systems. In those days most of the systems were batch based processors and once affected they would be down for several days ultimately damaging the core of the organizations systems. So planning and employing disaster recovery systems became crucial to avoid loss of critical data and to ensure smooth running of businesses.

The situations may be better now with advanced IT support services, but the advent of advanced technology has led to increased threats and data infiltration which can be fatal for any organisation. Many companies have close down and have face heavy monetary loss due to loss of critical business data. In such a scenario it’s crucial for all organizations to have a robust disaster recovery system.

Disaster recovery systems can be effective if they are designed taking into consideration the nature and size of the business; such systems assure uninterrupted running of business 365 days a year. The disaster recovery services may vary to a great extent depending on the size of the company.

Disaster recovery services for small companies- To combat future threats small companies need strong IT systems and Cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting services are the best options for business with 50 to 1000 users. Cloud hosting helps in scaling the platform to suit the company needs and provide optimum control over the overall IT system. Only an experienced technology partner can help you efficiently in securing the data from fatal threats.  

Disaster recovery for large companies- Larger companies require superior enterprise class solutions with effective off- site synchronisation. They can choose from off-site data replication or our cloud infrastructure (IAAS). Thus they can host all part of You can critical systems in secure data centres data being replicated daily to a second data centre, to assure peace of mind and also businesses can avail options that increase the frequency and length of backups.

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