Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or “pen testing” as its more commonly known can be the difference between success and embarrassment for your business.

Hackers and digital terrorists are growing in number across the internet and it is vital that your business systems are as secure as possible from outside threats.

What happens next?

We perform tests on any part of your network (CCTV cameras, websites, firewalls, bespoke software, servers etc) and make sure that you are not vulnerable to common attack methods. We do this by rigorous testing and analysis and at the end of it, we produce a report that shows you how vulnerable you are to these threats and how you can rectify the situation.

Is it a one-off process?

In short, no it shouldn’t be. There are always new methods of attack and always new security patches being released for vulnerabilities found in applications and software, so penetration testing should be a regular check made across your business, to prevent data theft and downtime for your business.

What company should you choose?

Always check the credentials of the actual person carrying out the penetration test to ensure specific knowledge in security analysis and penetration testing.

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