Secure Online Backups

Network London’s secure online backup service provides non-reversible 448 bit encryption, giving clients the peace of mind they need and with features such as 10 year data retention, this is the UK’s leading solution for storing backups in the cloud. Our cloud storage service adds immense value and keeps your data held in data centres that meet strict compliance standards.

Clients range from financial institutions, hedge funds, leisure organisations, retail, software developers and other IT companies.

Backup business critical data from any of the following platforms:


  • Windows Server and desktop (all versions)
  • Exchange (all versions) mailstore and mailbox
  • Windows Active Directory and System State
  • MS SQL (all versions)
  • SharePoint (all versions)
  • Hyper V
  • Open file agent as standard
  • Bare metal
  • P2V  VMware

Linux and Open Source

  • RedHat Linux 8.0 and later
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Fedora core 3 and later
  • CentOS 4.2 and later
  • SuSE Linux 9.x and later
  • Mandrake Linux 10.0 and later
  • Debian Linux 4.0 and later
  • Gentoo and Ubuntu 5.10 and later
  • FreeBSD 7
  • MySQL


  • Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther) and 10.4.x (Tiger) for PowerPCs
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and later for Intel PCs

Solaris (For Solaris 10 – Intel)

Our online backup service is the best in the UK, find out why now on 0333 335 5020 or contact us here.