VoIP is an acronym that stands for voice over internet protocol and is technology that allows customers to chat with other people through the use of their internet connection instead of a conventional telephone line. The quality does not suffer at all in a good VoIP connection and even long distance connections are able to maintain the same high quality that a customer has come to expect from their current long distance provider.

The only real difference between VoIP connections and their conventional telephone counterparts is that the VoIP connection maintenance costs tend to be quite a bit cheaper. The reason for this is that the internet is being utilized in order to help the consumer facilitate their telephone needs. To a large degree, the consumer is already paying for most of the technology used in VoIP services with the internet monthly payment they are already making. The bottom line for this is that the internet service provider providing the VoIP service does not have to charge as much for it and those savings usually end up being passed on to the customer.

To use VoIP you need to have a good, stable internet connection and we can provide you with some of the UK’s best internet connections* with good contention ratios to give you fast, reliable connections at every level you require.

VoIP can be quick and easy to setup and it is the height of convenience in the technological world today.

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