The Best Cloud Storage Services

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Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage has become very popular and one of the most preferred methods of storing data among both individuals and businesses these days. Remote storage allows people to sync and share data over computers that are not connected by a local network. Whether it’s your home computer that you manage yourself or your business network managed by an IT support service, with the numerous cloud storage services available, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here’s a checklist on the most popular ones and their best features:


This effortless service came about in 2008 and is popular for its ease of use. It’s got a great desktop client that lets you get the job done without opening the browser and sharing and versioning allow you to sync and collaborate with ease. Dropbox also has a number of mobile apps that help you store and access your files on the go.

Google Drive

A strong competitor to Dropbox, it works great with other Google services like Gmail, and although it does have a desktop client, the options are limited when compared to Dropbox. The online version is brilliant, allowing editing, sharing, versioning, and smooth collaboration between groups of people.


This five year old service has different plans for different purposes. Many businesses prefer Livedrive because of its smooth user interface that’s simple for customers. From back-ups to large amount of data storage, it offers a host of services. Talk to your IT support company for more information.


From the house of Barracuda Networks, this one is almost identical to Dropbox in appearance and function. Copy is quick and easy to set up and also has an app for smartphones that lets you save and access files on the go. Copy also gives you the advantage of crating shortcuts so you don’t have to access the main folder every time.

The final choice would depend on your business needs, preferences and budget, and there are a variety of cloud storage options to suit all kinds of purposes.