Which Is Better, A Virtual Dedicated Server or an Actual Dedicated Server

Lee Smith virtual dedicated servers

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server as the name suggests is dedicated to one organisation/task as a whole. Big organisations can use an array of dedicated servers for subsequent tasks such as one for hosting your site, one for email etc. or can be used for a number of tasks at once.

While using dedicated servers, the hardware is either rented or purchased and can be used and accessed only by the owner. It’s unavailable to others.

Virtual Dedicated Server (or Virtual Private Server)

Virtual private servers, or in modern terms “cloud hosting” or “cloud computing” is a virtual machine that acts as a dedicated server. Or more simply ‘shared hosting’. Based on your specific needs a part of the server is dedicated to you. There are a lot of perks in using a virtual server such as using more than one operating system simultaneously on the same server and the wide range of application utilities which are preloaded.

The Cost Factor

Virtual hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. You only pay for what you use in the case of virtual hosting i.e. you don’t need the physically requirement of hardware. This is a good way to save costs.

A dedicated server requires the whole hardware package. If you want to scale up in terms of volume of data or storage, you can only get another server. But in the case of Virtual hosting you can scale up or down based on your requirements.

Virtual or Dedicated: Choosing what’s best for you

There is no rigid structure on what type of hosting has to be availed by SMB’s or large corporations. The flexibility and the ease of maintaining and backing up data in Virtual dedicated servers (cloud) have gained a lot of attention. Both SMB’s and large corporations alike are discovering the benefits of cloud storage.

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