Affordable Remote IT Support For Dynamic UK Businesses

Network London’s fully equipped remote IT support service helps businesses of all sizes to streamline productivity, quickly resolve problems and drastically improve reliability. Our mission is to create harmonious IT environments and deliver exceptional customer service so you’re free to focus on your business.

Established in 2008

Our remote IT service is backed by an extensive track record with a reputation for providing affordable and reliable remote IT support in London and the UK

Fast Response Times

Our remote support engineers are highly pro-active, picking up the phone within 7 seconds on average. 98% of all IT issues are resolved in a remote IT support session

Support Specialists

Our IT support team are trained professionals, certified in Microsoft and Apple technology to provide diligent, expert remote IT support solutions

High Speed Remote IT Support With A Focus On Security

Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping businesses today, it’s transforming how teams are able to work together from any location. The need for large offices and costly IT infrastructure is not a vital requirement when affordable cloud technology allows smaller organisations to do far more than ever before.

The tools available to IT support companies like ourselves has also evolved drastically. It’s now possible to offer a full fledged IT support service without the additional costs of on-site support and maintenance. While site visits can play an important role in maintaining an IT environment, many businesses simply require a team of IT experts to deliver high impact remote IT support as quickly as possible.

Network London IT Support Diagram

Network London’s priority is security, and every tool we use to deliver support is designed to deliver the ultimate protection. We also include all the security tools you need as standard to keep you and your critical business data safe and sound.

Why choose network london?

While we take pride in our IT support expertise, we know that technical knowledge will only get us so far. Our highest priority is to ensure we communicate effectively and deliver exceptional customer service. Our clients are looked after by a dedicated account manager to ensure all business goals and IT support objectives are met.

Our clients often comment on how impressed they are with our response times, our dedication to resolving IT issues and our calm approach during stressful times.

Remote IT Support Key Features

Our remote IT support packages include several layers of enterprise software included as standard, including 24×7 performance monitoring and management, anti-virus, internet security and offsite backups for Office 365 and GSuite platforms.

We also use a highly secure version of LogMeIn, ScreenConnect and Teamviewer for remote control, which only provides access to our IT support team when granted permission and disconnects completely at the end of every session.

Here are just a few of the highlights of our remote support service:

Network London also supply advanced profile management and powerful networking solutions which provide far more granular control, unleashing the full potential of our remote support and IT services.

Your Remote IT Support Partner

We recognise the complexity of selecting suppliers, especially when technology is involved; experts with the right experience are a necessity. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating process to find the ideal remote IT support company for you.

Network London has been providing exemplary service across all fields and industries for many years now – we would love to offer our expertise free of charge and discuss how best we can resolve your challenges. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Remote IT Support Designed To Reduce Costs

Businesses who face constant technology interruption and re-occurring IT issues are all too aware of the negative impacts on staff productivity, team morale and growth.

While there is an advantage to replacing equipment, services and platforms which under deliver on performance, our approach is to identify the root cause and only change what is absolutely required.

Network London are focused on helping businesses to reduce their overheads by creating long term strategies and mapping out the areas of your IT environment which require simple reconfiguration. While it would be far easier to suggest replacing the technology you have with something else, we prefer a far more transparent approach.

Network London are also focused on technology solutions which future proof your business and save money long term, from innovative cloud platforms to on-premise equipment. After all, we’re interested in working with you for the foreseeable future, and we’ve taken every step to ensure our remote IT support services deliver measurable results.

Highly reliable IT infrastructure means less on-site IT support is required. Working together with Network London is the perfect opportunity to reduce unnecessary costs while improving your technology experience.