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Network London are a team of IT support experts who provide a wide range of fully managed IT services to businesses in London. Our mission is to help organisations boost productivity, improve reliability and unleash their full potential through innovative technology.

Managed IT Services Designed To Drive Your Success

If there is one objective all businesses have in common, it’s the motivation to succeed and grow comfortably. It’s challenging enough to simply survive in an otherwise unpredictable market, every industry sees an increase of competitors each year who are all striving to make their mark.

While adopting the latest technology isn’t guaranteed to make a business successful on its own, businesses who incorporate the right platforms and use them strategically are definitely in a more advantageous position.

While there are many IT support companies to choose from, there are very few who focus on delivering managed IT services which add immense value while reducing costs. We believe in building long term partnerships with our customers, and delivering managed services as if we were an in-house extension of their team.

Managed IT Services

Our job is simple. We use our vast experience and expertise to translate your business vision into a set of managed IT services designed to unlock your full potential, allowing you to pursue success without distraction.

What are managed IT services?

A business requires the seamless integration of multiple technology platforms, for example, email services, data storage, internet and software which are designed to work together and allow their teams to communicate and deliver products and services to their clients. More often than not, small businesses will start out by managing these services themselves, but as they grow and their work load increases, more administration and complexity creeps in.

There is a point where maintaining all the different layers of IT services becomes a full time job, which is where managed service providers come in. Network London’s role is not only to deliver managed IT support which helps to reduce the complexity and implement cost saving processes, we also handle the management of all your technology services automatically in the background.

Another way to look at Managed services providers is as an extension of your team, similarly to hiring a full time IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Overview Of Our Managed IT Services

The Network London IT Support team are certified Apple/Windows engineers and experts in a number of other specialist fields, including cyber security, networking, cloud solutions and project management.

Established in 2008, Network London launched as one of the first managed IT service providers to introduce cloud desktops and have continued to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions ever since. We take the time to fully understand your business needs before creating a highly detailed strategy to meet your vision and achieve your business objectives.

Here are just some of the managed IT services we are able to offer with a huge selection of tailored solutions available to meet any challenge your business may have:

Managed IT Support

Network London provides comprehensive IT support packages which include numerous enterprise-level security and backup applications free of charge. Our IT team are highly proactive, responding quickly to incidents and requests. We also include a dedicated account manager to ensure you receive the best possible results.

IT Consultancy

Our IT consultancy service is designed to help you turn your business vision and goals into a reality. Our expert engineers create future-proof strategies, introduce cost savings, identify reoccurring problems which affect reliability and implement smart technology and time-saving processes which boost productivity.

IT Support London Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Aside from our immense knowledge and expertise on fundamental IT infrastructure subjects like servers and networking, we also supply new equipment and services including VoIP phone systems, cloud solutions like Office 365 and Gsuite, business internet and fibre solutions, data cabling, office fit outs, office moves, and much more.

Business Continuity

Our highest priority for all our customers is ensuring a reliable disaster recovery plan is established as quickly as possible. We provide a detailed analysis of risks to data loss, as well identify the maximum recovery time required in the event a disaster takes place. Whatever your business requirements may be, we have the technology.

Cyber Security

Security as a managed IT service usually only includes passive support i.e. installing anti virus, performing generic security scans and monitoring for intrusion. Network London go much further by proactively performing active security testing, including phishing simulations and penetration testing, ensuring your IT security is actually working.

Project Management

Network London are a diverse team of experts, including senior project specialists with an exceptional record for solution implementation. As your managed service requirements evolve, we'll help roll out projects and diligently manage all progress, risks, costs and the quality of our service throughout, ensuring all tasks are completed on time.

Network London is a full scope managed service provider covering a wide range of complexity and requirements. We help to simplify processes and create an IT environment which works for you and your team.

Why Choose Network London?

Almost ever challenge a business faces can be solved through the right combination of technology. Our mission is to help businesses unlock new levels of success with managed IT services which solve time-consuming problems, improve reliability and drive productivity, giving businesses the freedom they need to unleash their full potential.

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Reliable IT Environments Are A Result Of Expert Implementation

Technology is designed to solve challenges and speed up processes within a business, but it can also be an abundant source of problems and frustration too. Businesses who are continually subjected to reoccurring failures know how badly it affects staff productivity and stress levels, not to mention ever increasing support costs.

The answer to solving the root cause of consistent disruption is understanding how technology is supposed to mesh together, which is where Network London’s managed IT service stands out from the crowd.

We know from years of experience, a majority of reliability problems are down to misconfiguration, and although it can be a complex technical challenge, it’s what we are really good at solving.

While there is certainly an argument for investing in better technology, there are a lot of ways to improve an IT environment with a proper implementation strategy. As an IT company, we believe managed services should be a profit centre, not a cost centre to your business.

Maximising the existing potential of your existing IT environment is our first port of call, and we only recommend investing further when absolutely required.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients, and add value through our expertise. Our job as a managed services provider is to transform your technology experience while reducing overheads.

We deliver managed IT services in London for your industry

Network London works with industries across every sector, from law firms and financial institutions to creative agencies and retail chains.

Whether you’re a small boutique business or a large multi-office organisation, our years of experience working across different business sectors ensures the managed service we provide is unmatched by any of our competitors. Our team are incredibly passionate individuals who are all dedicated to ensuring customer service is of the highest standard at all times.

We’re interested in more than simply being another managed IT service provider, our focus from the very beginning is building long lasting relationships, which is why we’re painfully transparent and honest in everything we do.

We’ve yet to come across a challenge which we haven’t been able to solve through technology. We’re constantly on the lookout to help our customers find new levels of success, while also reducing complexity and costs. However big your challenges may be, we’re confident you’ll love working with us.

Switch to Network London in 5 easy steps

Although it may seem like an overwhelming effort to switch managed IT service providers, the Network London team take care of all the hard work for you, ensuring a seamless transition throughout. Our diligent handover process includes multiple stages of testing and documentation checks.

Every step is exploratory to identify every inch of your physical and logical infrastructure with no changes to any configuration along the way. Once we have built a detailed understanding of your technology platforms and any problematic areas, we’ll set up a strategy meeting with you and your team.


We explore every inch of your IT environment, including connected cloud services. We perform a number of tests using specialised applications which evaluate security performance, connectivity and historical system logs. We also review existing documentation and processes to fully understand how your business is currently supported.


Once our team have completed a full analysis, we prepare a detailed report which identifies any areas of concern from most urgent to least urgent. We also identify easy wins, solutions which have the potential to resolve existing problems and future concerns quickly and any performance improvements which may also be useful.


After we have finalised our reports, we set up a meeting between our teams to discuss our findings in detail. We also discuss our plan for onboarding all end users and systems, as well as any inherited support processes which need improvement as part of the handover i.e. better new starter and leaver procedures.


On the day of onboarding, our senior consultants transfer over access from the outgoing service provider and roll out our security and monitoring tools across your IT infrastructure and workstations. We also provide end-user training on the new support tools available and the ways to contact our service desk for incidents and requests.


Throughout the first week and months that follow, your dedicated account manager will check in and arrange follow-up meetings, we continually adjust and tweak our processes to maximise the impact of our support package. We also start to outline the strategy for achieving your business goals in the long term with milestones and timelines.

If you’re concerned that switching IT service providers is more hassle than it’s worth, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Network London’s 5 step process will take care of all the details seamlessly in the background.

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