Looking For Fast And Effective Managed IT Services in London?

If you’re searching for managed IT services in London that truly align with your business goals, look no further. We offer customised support and technology solutions that let you focus on your core business, not on IT challenges.

Managed IT Services Focused On Your Business Strategy

Looking for a managed services partner that feels like a part of your own internal IT team? We get it. Technology should make your life easier, not complicate it. We aim to work closely with you, understanding your challenges and aspirations. It’s not about throwing new tech at a problem; it’s about crafting a smart IT infrastructure that supports your goals, including robust cyber security measures.

We see ourselves as more than a service provider. We’re your strategic partner, committed to adding real value to your business while keeping costs sensible. Here, it’s all about you – your needs, your objectives, and the most effective ways to help you succeed.

Managed IT Services

Let’s join forces to hit your business targets, and maximise the potential of your technology platforms with our managed IT services.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Thinking of managed IT services as your personal tech team, always on call, there to make things easier. Running a small business? You might start off handling IT yourself, but as you grow, juggling staff IT requests and maintenance can become overwhelming. That’s where we come in as your managed IT service provider—think of us as your own internal IT department but without the HR headaches.

We focus on aligning your technology strategies with your business goals, making workflows smoother and setting the stage for growth. For a fixed monthly cost, you get a dedicated team geared towards making your digital future brighter and hassle-free. Ready to take the next step?

Let’s get started with managed IT services – your key to seamless workflows, hassle-free growth, and a successful digital future.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services in London

What are the practical advantages of managed IT services? By letting us take care of all your technology, you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business. These aren’t just services; they’re investments in seamless operation and growth. Here’s how we can make a significant difference for you:

IT Support for Every Team Member

Get direct access to our London IT support experts for every team member in your business. With our specialist knowledge and technical account management, we solve 98% of issues swiftly through remote sessions. That means quick resolutions and minimal downtime for your team.

Infrastructure Fully Managed

You can trust us as your managed service provider to proactively handle all your on-site IT equipment. From servers and cloud platforms to VoIP telephones and networks, we've got it covered. Our network management, network security, technical expertise, and data management skills ensure issues are resolved before they even come to your staff's attention.

IT Support London Infrastructure

Help Managing All Your Vendors

Tired of juggling multiple vendors? We streamline that process for you. Just one number to dial for all technical support, including managing third-party providers, software licences, and asset tracking. We become your single IT partner, offering all the business benefits you need.

Document and Automate

Onboarding new team members or accessing business-critical applications shouldn't be a hassle. As your managed services provider, we create automated processes and a comprehensive knowledge base covering everything from cloud services to wireless access points. The result? Faster, more efficient operations for your business.

And much more… Network London provides comprehensive managed IT services in London, tackling a broad spectrum of complexities and requirements. Our mission is to simplify processes and create an IT environment that your team will love.

Why Work With Us For Your Managed IT Services?

Wrestling with tech issues can be frustrating, but what if each issue could be turned into an opportunity for growth? Network London’s managed IT services do just that. We don’t just fix problems; we uncover new ways to enhance your operational efficiency. The freedom to focus solely on your business goals? That’s what you get when you partner with us.

When you call, our IT consultants answer in an average of just 7 seconds. Nearly all your concerns—98% to be exact—are resolved in a quick, remote IT support session. And for those more complex issues, expect an onsite visit within 60 minutes. It’s the peace of mind you need, delivered with speed and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how Network London can serve you? Our FAQ section offers quick, straightforward answers to the questions we hear most often. Get the clarity you need to make an informed choice for your managed services.

  • Our team is always swamped. How can we find the time to switch managed service providers?

    Switching to a new managed service provider doesn't have to be a cumbersome task. Our service desk and support services are designed to make the transition as smooth as possible. We'll manage the heavy lifting, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

  • Are managed IT services suitable for small business needs?

    Absolutely. Managed services can be tailored to align with your overall business strategy, regardless of the size of your operation. Our IT support packages are designed to meet your specific needs, so you get the most out of your investment. Check out our dedicated small business IT support services linked here.

  • Our company is large and has many IT requests. Don't we need a full-time IT person?

    A large volume of IT requests doesn't necessarily require an in-house IT department. Our managed service provider model and service desk can easily scale to meet the demands of your growing team, often at a fraction of the cost. We are also able to provide a full-time staff member to your office if you need onsite assistance beyond remote IT support. No matter how complex your IT systems or how extensive your IT infrastructure may be, we've got the expertise to help.

  • Where are Network London based?

    Our central hub is located in Bermondsey, easily accessible via the Jubilee Line in Central London.

  • Our last managed IT service provider let us down. How can we be sure your managed services will be different?

    We understand that trust needs to be earned. With a track record of consistent helpdesk support and managed services going all the way back to 2008, we are committed to ensuring your business runs as smoothly as possible. We're also able to provide detailed references should you wish to discuss our services with any of our clients.

  • Are there any restrictions on the industries or locations your managed service covers?

    We offer managed IT services to a variety of businesses, regardless of industry or location. Our main aim is to facilitate your digital transformation, wherever you're located. Our headquarters are based in London, but we serve most of the UK with many of our clients supporting users across the globe.

  • What's the difference between managed IT services and IT consultation?

    Managed IT services focus on ongoing support and the management of your IT needs. This includes network monitoring, endpoint management, cyber security, and could come with a fixed monthly contract to help you save money. IT consultation, on the other hand, is more project-focused and tackles core business concerns, offering solutions like cloud migration. Both aim to improve service levels and efficiency.