Affordable Small Business IT Support In London

Network London’s IT support for small businesses helps improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase reliability through innovative technology and cutting-edge processes. We create dynamic IT environments to fit the needs of our clients while delivering impeccable customer service and support, freeing our customers to focus on what they do best.

Established in 2008

Our business IT support is backed by an extensive track record with a long-standing reputation for providing affordable and reliable managed IT services in London and the rest of the UK

Fast Response Times

Our IT support for small businesses is purposefully pro-active with an average phone response time of 7 seconds and 98% of all IT issues resolved in a quick remote support session

IT Support Expertise

We are trained IT support professionals accredited in Microsoft, Apple, Networking and Security to provide feature-packed IT support solutions for small to medium-sized businesses

Small Business IT Support Without Compromise

Technology is at the core of every business today and can lead to incredible levels of success simply by taking full advantage of everything it has to offer.

Small businesses are able to implement technological processes that save time, simplify tasks, and extend the capabilities of every team member, which means smaller teams are far more able to compete with industry giants than ever before.

Small businesses are already under a lot of pressure as it is without having to work out what technology to use or how to maintain it.

Putting together an in-house IT team comes with a big price tag, never mind the cost for all the technology you need. This is where partnering with a reputable outsourced IT support company comes in.

Network London is a team of IT professionals. We may not be directly in-house but we’re never far away, and we’re affordable too. We help small businesses to squeeze the most from their existing platforms and only bolt-on new technology where it offers the biggest value and impact.

Managed IT Services

Network London’s IT support service is tailored to fit small to medium-sized businesses. We include enterprise features built into every package, including all security tools, performance monitoring, and cloud backups at no extra charge to you.

Why choose network london IT Support?

We take pride in our IT support expertise, but we also know that technical mastery will only get us so far. We are a small business too, so we know the importance of adding exceptional value to everything we do. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients which makes communication and customer service our highest priority.

We also provide a dedicated account manager who takes care of all your business goals and IT support objectives, ensuring our service is always in line with your support requirements. Our clients often comment on how impressed they are with our response times, our dedication to resolving IT issues, and our calm approach during stressful times.

Small Business IT Support Features

Our IT support for small businesses is packed with features, including multiple layers of enterprise software as standard i.e. 24×7 performance monitoring, anti-virus, internet security, and offsite backups for Office 365 and GSuite cloud platforms.

Our IT support service is also designed to reduce complexity through innovative automation. For example, creating processes that automatically enroll new starters, deploy company-wide security policies, and provide access to company approved services. Our goal is to provide an IT support service that allows your business to focus on growth without any bottlenecks.

Our IT support service also includes the following features:

Network London also supplies advanced profile management and powerful business networking solutions which provide far more granular control, unleashing the full potential of our proactive support abilities.

IT Support London Checklist

We’ve put together a FREE downloadable checklist to help you and your business separate the good IT service providers from the bad.

Finding the best IT support company in London to partner with can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing what questions to ask is half the battle, so we’ve put together a helpful checklist that will help better understand whether your existing or future IT service provider includes the important features you may need for your small business.

IT Support For Small Businesses That Reduces Costs

Small businesses are all too aware of the impact that technology has whenever it fails to work. Continuous disruption not only impacts productivity but can be a bottomless money pit without any end in sight.

Technology is a poor substitute when no effort is taken to identify the root cause of reoccurring problems. While our IT service is patently here to solve problems as quickly as they pop up, our biggest strength is in our ability to eliminate plaguing issues once and for all.

We prioritise solving problems using our technical talents, which more often than not simply requires a better re-implementation of existing IT systems. We’re big believers in only applying new technology and services where it adds proven value.

Where new technology is a necessity, Network London helps businesses to create long-term strategies, helping to forecast future budgets, and creating modular IT environments that require a low to modest series of upgrades over a long period of time.

While no technology is absolutely future-proof, it can be made highly adaptable and cost-effective to maintain. By creating a reliable tech foundation for small businesses to grow on, we help to reduce running costs long-term. Working together with Network London is the perfect opportunity to reduce your IT support costs while drastically improving your experience with business technology.

We take the time to understand the individual requirements for each business we work with and tailor our IT support services to fit. Network London are focused on always meeting your expectations through a transparent service that delivers actionable results.

Small Business IT Support For Your Industry

Network London works with industries of all kinds, from financial institutions, recruitment companies and leisure organisations to retail chains, restaurants, and professional services. Whether you’re a small creative agency or a large law firm, our extensive Apple and Microsoft background across multiple sectors ensures our on-site and remote support service is at the cutting edge.

IT support should be the profit centre, not the cost centre for your business. Our IT support and services are designed to be affordable, while also reducing overheads through implementing faster, more efficient processes that enable your business to do more without spending more. Our senior-level IT consultants are from a diverse range of backgrounds, we all share the same passion and enthusiasm to ensure our service delivers the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Your Small Business Is In Good Hands

Established in 2008, the Network London team launched as one of the first IT providers in London to introduce hosted desktops as a service (DaaS), and we continue to deliver innovative IT solutions today.

Our mission over the past decade has also remained consistent; to deliver ever-improving customer satisfaction while removing the unnecessary complexity that comes with IT support and business technology. With our extensive history of supporting a vast range of businesses and industry sectors, we’re able to help our clients to achieve the freedom they need to pursue their business goals and achieve success.

Technology shouldn’t be a burden to your business or only offer short-term results. We’re certainly not the only IT company London has to offer, but we are passionate about the services we deliver. However small or large your business may be, Network London would love to be part of your journey.

Network London IT Support Diagram

We’re painfully transparent in our approach to the IT industry as a whole, we don’t believe in throwing money at problems that could be solved in other ways. We much prefer creating honest, sustainable relationships and technology solutions that add value and support the small businesses we work with.

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